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Technology / Wired - 8 months ago

Are Super Automatic Espresso Machines Worth Buying?

I appreciate a good cup of coffee, but I love a reliable and easy coffee machine. This past year, I’ve taken shot after shot of caffeine from dozens of cold brew coffee makers, French presses, and cappuccino machines—all in the name of WIRED. I've e...

Technology / Wired - 8 months ago

Are Humans the Meanest Species in the Universe?

Melinda Snodgrass got the idea for her science fiction novel The High Ground when she started thinking about how awful human beings can be. “I had a sudden vision of this nine-foot-tall alien ant-like creature with mandibles and claws—just a hideous...

Technology / Wired - 8 months ago

Space Photos of the Week: This Apollo Went to 11

Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong are on the space A-list because they were the first two humans to set foot on the moon. Perhaps not as well known is a third, crucial crew member—Michael Collins, the Command Module pilot. He is seen here training and...